New York Gets Engaged

December 26, 2007 By:
New York Gets Engaged

Hot diggity damn New York got engaged! Tiffany “New York” Pollard, star of "I Love New York" got engaged to Tailor Made, whose real name is George Weisberger.

Tailor proposed on show's finale, but New York turned him down, claiming that she wanted to wait 24 months before making any decisions about marriage. Why 24 months? How is she so sure she's going to be ready in 24 months? How about 23 months...or 25?

Anyway, he wasn't taking no for an answer and proposed again on season 2’s reunion show that airs Jan. 6, and this time “she says yes,” a source told People. “They are madly in love. They are a great couple.”

And just a quick tid bit…Tailor is still married. He's in the process of divorcing his current wife. Classy.