Hurricane Katrina

March 9, 2006 By:
Hurricane Katrina

One of our daily readers sent over his personal blog and we were so touched by it that we thought we should share.

Entertainment is entertaining sure. But what happens when we hear about a group of money hungry and corrupt professionals who decide to persuade medical professionals to defy the most sacred oath-the Hippocratic doctors need to take before practicing. In a recent case in New Orleans during the wake of Katrina, a hospital managed by Tenet Healthcare, decided they could carelessly kill patients and perform costly medical procedures to fill their already full pockets. Read the article for more information Go to CNN

what is this world coming to? How low is the average American going to stoop for extra change? How much more are we going to exploit helpless individuals? It's not enough we have screwed almost every third world country found on the map, we (the gung ho competitive corporate loving Americans-excluding me of course) take advantage of a population who is already dying from a natural cause, on top of it these filthy corporate assholes are facilitating the process by not giving the proper care they are obliged to give.

What you can do about it? Well you can probably stop supporting and going to any Tenet healthcare. You wouldn't want careless doctors performing careless procedures on you would you? Here is a list of participating hospitals: Go to tenet health

Tune in for more corporate greed stories. They need to be mentioned or else we, as the "freedom-loving" Americans we claim to be (or a freedom loving, free-spirited human being as I like to call myself) have already been held captive to this nasty dictatorship of corporations we have created.