Jena Malone Lands Role In 'Hunger Games' Sequel

July 4, 2012 By:
Jena Malone Lands Role In 'Hunger Games' Sequel

The lottery is complete, the winner has been chosen, and the newest tribute is….. Jena Malone!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the actress has just landed the role as tribute Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire.

Malone is previously best known for her role on Donnie Darko, and most recently for her butt kicking abilities in Sucker Punch, and her wily ways on the “Hatfields & McCoys” mini series.

In case you missed it, Catching Fire is the second installment in The Hunger Games trilogy. It’s a huge score for Malone as the character carries over into the third and final installment, Mockingjay.

Mason is an ax-wielding badass and former Hunger Games champion from a neighboring district who’s thrown into the woods with survivors Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta Mellark (Josh Hutcherson) in an “all-star death match.”

Malone apparently beat out new comer Zoe Aggeliki who was favored for the role…. Though no one has apparently informed IMDB of such as they still have her listed as portraying the character, though it’s marked as “rumored.”

Too bad for Zoe, but good for Jena. Apparently the role requires some serious physicality peppered with witty one-liners, and is a fav character of the beloved best-selling series.

For those of us (probably about 15 in total) out there that subjected ourselves to Sucker Punch, we know she’s got the “physicality” part of the whole thing dialed in.

And though she hasn’t had the opportunity to really be funny yet on screen, judging from the accolades she’s received for her dedication to her craft, comedic chops shouldn’t be a problem.

And did we mention her weapon of choice is ax? I mean, that's got to be cool, right?