Hunger Games Sequel Gets a New Director

April 20, 2012 By:
Hunger Games Sequel Gets a New Director

Have you heard of the Hunger Games? Is that even a question?

Probably the most talked about book adaptations since Twilight or Harry Potter and the Eight Films With Long Names, Hunger Games will of course follow in the footsteps of these massive book-to-movie franchises that preceded it. Sequels, sequels, sequels…

And who’s going to carry the torch for film number 2?

A director by the name of Francis Lawrence, that’s who! You might from the film Water for Elephants, or perhaps the pilot for the new FOX series Touch.

If you don’t recall either of those, he also directed some music videos that you still dance to in front of the mirror when no one’s looking. The 55-year-old filmmaker’s music video credits include hits like “I’m a Slave 4 U” Britney Spears and “Someone to Call My Lover” by Janet Jackson.

Does this mean that Jennifer Lawrence – no relation to the impending director, btw - will do an intricately choreographed pop dance when she slays other contests in the next Hunger Games installment? I can see that.

Us Weekly reported that a spokesperson from Lionsgate has confirmed an offer was distributed to the Francis on Thursday.

The legal jargon within the submission to the director was concealed, obviously, but we assume it read something like, “Dear Francis, It’s us, Lionsgate. Do you want to make a crap-ton of money directing the Hunger Games sequel?”

Lionsgate probably has entire offices filled with cash at their headquarters from the first film.

Hunger Games has already made $340 at the box office. The film scored $155 mil on opening weekend, the third most profitable premiere of all time, after the last Harry Potter film, and The Dark Knight.

Or, Francis can just make another sweet Britney Spears video. I’m cool either way.