Linda to Hulk Hogan: Sorry I Called You Gay and I Love You

April 28, 2012 By:
Linda to Hulk Hogan: Sorry I Called You Gay and I Love You

Say what you want about the Hogan family, but you can’t deny they’ve got their fair share of delicious drama. Linda is dating a guy 30 years her junior, Hulk was the subject of gay rumors, and Brooke is, I dunno, wearing a bikini on a Florida beach somewhere.

Linda appeared on "The Wendy Williams Show" Friday to talk about her much younger man and to make a public apology to her estranged ex husband Hulk Hogan.

Last year in a radio interview, Linda spread rumors that Hulk had homosexual relations with fellow WWF wrestler Brutus Beefcake. First of all, anyone with a name that ends in “beefcake” is inviting gay rumors.

“I really didn’t want to say, a little bird told me, that yes I think they were,” says Linda.

Ok, so she didn’t really deny the allegations, but she at least apologized for it.

“When you’re mad and you’re going through divorce, you say things you don’t mean and I’m sorry I said that, because it got taken completely out of context,” says Linda, “Hulkster, I’m sorry, I love you and I will always love you.”

She then starts tearing up when she tells the audience, “I miss him and I miss the family unit.”

But Linda has moved on, she’s been dating 24-year-old Charlie Hill (she’s 53) for nearly four years because he “fulfills” her “emotionally.” Riiiiggghhhhtt.

“C’mon, who wouldn’t want to be with a younger guy. After 24-years-of marriage to the same guy, all you old married old gals out there, you know!” She yelled to the audience.

Linda then added, “Sex is sexy with a younger guy, but he really fulfills me emotionally.”

As for wedding bells in their future, Linda says, “He deserves a young wife, he deserves to have a family and kids and I thought, can I give that to him?”

Awww, so sad, yet so true. That being said, Wendy asks her point-blank if they plan on getting married and Linda says, “I do, I hope so.”