Hulk Hogan: I Have No Idea Who the Woman In My Sex Tape Is

March 8, 2012 By:
Hulk Hogan: I Have No Idea Who the Woman In My Sex Tape Is

If you were surprised to find out that the woman in the Hulk Hogan sex tape wasn't his wife, Linda, you weren't alone. Apparently, the Hulkster has no idea who the unidentified brunette is, either.

Hogan's sex tape is reportedly being shopped around, even though Hogan says it was taken without his permission.

TMZ got a hold of a copy, and one of their reporters sat through the whole thing long enough to let the public know what was going on (give him or her a raise, Harvey). Highlights included the Hulk's wrestle panty tan line and him saying he's "working out again."

Anyway, Hogan called into TMZ telling them he has no idea who the woman in the video is.

"During that time, I don’t even remember people's names, much less girls."

Which sounds like an incredibly sexist statement, but by "girls" he means "people I banged."

Hulk claims he went on a four month alcohol binge when he left his ex-wife Linda, and part of that binge including having sex with a slew of women.

Coincidentally, it was also during that time that he met his current wife Jennifer. "Rock bottom" is always a great meet-cute. The Hulk said: "If anyone goes forward with this thing, we're gonna find 'em and we're gonna prosecute, [Brother]."

nWo, baby.

Hogan says the tape has to be at least five years old, because he met his current wife, Jennifer, five years ago. And since then, he hasn't let Hulkamania run wild on any other woman.