Hulk Hogan: I Attempted Suicide

November 19, 2013 By:
Hulk Hogan: I Attempted Suicide
Image By: Getty Images / Paul Kane

You can be fooled by appearances because Hulk Hogan, contrary to popular belief, isn’t invincible.

The WWE icon confessed that he contemplated suicide in the aftermath of his highly publicized divorce from his wife and the turmoil it caused within his family.

Unable to cope with the intense media scrutiny and speculation, Hulk went to a dark place where he felt his only way out was by taking his own life.

“I was drinking alcohol very heavily,” Hulk admitted on Oprah Winfrey’s show “Oprah: Where Are They Now?” “It just all kept piling up. I always wondered how could someone possibly take their own life, and so I got to that point where I said, ‘You know what, maybe this would be easy. You know, maybe this would be an easy way to fix things.’”

Fortunately, Hulk wasn’t driven to that tragic point. In fact, he says it was an incident with a fan that helped him gain perspective on the situation: a guy who grew up watching him wrestle on TV approached him in Miami on New Year’s Eve and told him he didn’t have a dad around throughout his adolescence, but that he was like a father figure to him.

“It was right then…I realized I couldn’t take it anymore,” he said. “I got sick and tired of being sick and tired.”