Hulk’s Sex Tape Partner Conspiracy Revealed

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Hulk’s Sex Tape Partner Conspiracy Revealed

We can’t publish them, but we can certainly talk about them...

The gossip just keeps getting juicier in the Hulk Hogan leaked sex tape extravaganza. More news is rolling in today on the many sex-capades of Heather Clem - aka Heather Cole - the ex-wife of the WWF champ’s former friend DJ Bubba the Love Sponge.

After we reported yesterday that there were more sex tapes of Cole, both with Hogan and other men, more details are being learned about the specifics of said tapes.

According to TMZ - who have seen a number of the tapes - like the Hogan recording, the other sweaty videos were shot while Cole was still married.

One video reportedly shows Cole getting pinned by a mystery man – neither Hulk nor Bubba – and she seems to know that she’s being filmed.

Cole approaches the camera and asks, "Is this thing recording? Okay, not that I don't trust you but I will get in trouble if it doesn't."

The evidence supports the allegation that Bubba and Heather had some kind of weird sex tape business going on. Either that or Mr. Love Sponge had quite the fetish...

As we previously reported, Hulk is suing both Heather and Bubba, as well as Gawker, who published the initial clip. He is seeking $100 million in damages against the news site.

In other news, Hulk Hogan’s endorsement of Ageless Men - a supplement designed to boost testosterone levels in older men - is still going strong.

"If you're feeling a bit older than you'd like - like I was - then it's time to start thinking about supporting your testosterone levels" Hogan says in the add. "And when it comes to testosterone supplements, there's only one good enough for me: Ageless Male."

If his statement isn’t enough to convince you, his – ahem – perkiness in the published sex clip certainly will.

Hollyscoop reached out to Ageless Men, but the company was unable to comment on the sex tapes…Mostly because they hadn’t seen them yet.


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