Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Footage Surfaces Online

October 4, 2012 By:
Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Footage Surfaces Online

I just wondering to myself the other day, “what ever happened with Hulk Hogan’s sex tape? Did that ever get released” and like the internet read my mind…OK just kidding, I was NOT thinking that AT ALL, because I’m not a sicko.

After months of rumors that a Hulk Hogan sex tape does exist, the video, in all it’s 30 minute and 17 second glory, has hit the net and the diligent journalists over at Gawker sat down and watched it all.

You can watch an edited version of the video that is almost safe for work on their site.

I say almost because there is some definite side-penis.

Hulk and his lady lover shoot the sh-t at the start of the video. Hulk and his bed-partner talk to some random guy off camera who says, “you guys do your thing. I’ll be in the office if you need me.”

Hulk’s sex-tape partner is supposedly his best friend, radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge’s ex-wife. The love sponge? What the what? No wonder his wife strayed to greener, err hulkier pastures.

Actually the guy they talk to off-camera might actually be Bubba himself? This whole video is just weird.

Hulk takes his clothes off but his phone starts to ring and his ringtone is his daughter Brooke Hogan’s song “About Us.” Awww, what a great dad. That's not creepy AT ALL.

Hulk wonders aloud that the caller might be his son Nick. He checks the caller ID and says “F-ck no.” The caller must not be Nick.

Now, Hulk can continue with the coitus.

They do the deed but then Hulk thinks he might be sick, saying he “ate like a pig” only 10 minutes prior to the filming of the sex tape.

Watch the video HERE if you dare, even the edited version is the least sexy sex tape we’ve ever seen.