Hugh Jackman Semi-Retiring From Acting

July 25, 2013 By:
Hugh Jackman Semi-Retiring From Acting

Is Hugh Jackman retiring from acting? Maybe.

During an appearance on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” Hugh Jackman said he’s taking off at least a year from acting, because his wife is unhappy he’s never home!

“I’m taking a little while off, I don’t know if I’m taking a year, this movie now is my fourth movie in a row. I’m being very greedy. There’s a thing called being in the dog [house], that’s me,” says Jackman.

So basically his wife is like, “you expect me to take care of the kids all by myself! You’re never home! I need you here with me!” Wives, amiright?

Hey, at least they cranked out another Wolverine flick before Hugh “retires.”

Speaking of The Wolverine, Hugh says his 13-year-old son Oscar has zero interest in the fact that his dad is shirtless on billboards everywhere.

“He never talks to me about ‘Wolverine.’ He never admits it’s cool, he never admits, ‘This is great,’ nothing like that,” says Hugh, “In fact, a friend of his was saying how cool and he goes, ‘Trust me, my dad is nothing like Wolverine, he’s not tough, he’s not cool in any way.’”