Hugh Jackman Donates $100K to Charity

April 24, 2009 By:
Hugh Jackman Donates $100K to Charity

Hugh Jackman announced this morning that he is donating $100,000 to charity! He went on Ryan Seacrest this morning to reveal the news.

Jackman had been having a contest on his Twitter profile, in which fans had to convince Hugh in 140 characters or less why your favorite charity deserves a donation!

Hugh said he would then donate the chunk of change to a particular individual’s charity of choice. But he was stuck between two different charities, so decided to give to both Charity: Water and Operation of Hope.

Charity: Water is a non-profit initiative based in New York City focused on bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

Operation of Hope is a nonprofit medical foundation started in 1989 to perform facial surgeries on poor children around the world. It’s comprised of an all-volunteer medical team that donates surgeries to children in developing countries born with facial deformities.

Yet again, celebrities are using Twitter for a good cause!