Hugh Jackman Buys Film Crew Lottery Tickets Every Week

October 13, 2011 By:
Hugh Jackman Buys Film Crew Lottery Tickets Every Week

Hugh Jackman says he feels bad for not remembering his crew member's names, so he buys them 500 lottery tickets every Friday. Which is the weirdest reaction to guilt ever. I just imagine Hugh Jackman giving out lottery tickets every time he has to apologize.

Sorry I forgot to call you back. Here's a lottery ticket.

Sorry about the fender bender. Here's my insurance info. And a lottery ticket.

Sorry for your loss. Please accept this lottery ticket as a symbol of my condolences.

Speaking at a press conference for Real Steel, his latest flick, Jackman said:

"It's my way of paying taxes. The very first film I did in America, I was embarrassed to say two months in that I didn’t know half of the crew's names. So I thought that on a Friday afternoon I’ll whip by and buy lottery tickets for everyone and hand them out saying it's an Australian tradition - but it’s not."

I wonder if he picks up some beef jerky and cigarettes while he's at it?

"I buried myself," Jackman continues. "Because from that moment on I have never had a Friday off from filming. If I’m not called, they find a reason to call me. They were terrified that if I don’t turn up, half the crew won’t turn up either!"

Alright, I love lottery tickets as much as the next poor, trashy person, but not enough to call in sick if they're not there. What's next, these crewmembers are going to go on strike?

Jackman says he's purchased tens of thousands of tickets over the years, but he doesn’t advise people to play, because none of the tickets have won anyone more than $110.

"I can tell you right now," Jackman explained. "Do not buy lottery tickets—I've been doing this for 10 to 12 years and the most anyone has ever won is $110."

Lottery tickets aren't the only way Hugh is giving back to the community. The actor recently launched Laughing Man Coffee, a charitable company whose entire profits go to various charities. The coffee company sells fair trade coffee, tea, and chocolates.

"We have a motto at Laughing Man, and that is 'All be happy,'" Hugh said. "It actually emanates from an ancient Sanskrit prayer which wishes for everybody to be happy, to be free of disease and for none to suffer misery of any kind—and that is at the heart of our company."