Trouble At Hef's Mansion

July 14, 2008 By:
Trouble At Hef's Mansion

What happens when Hef's three girlfriends all don't get along perfectly like they pretend to do on the show? All hell breaks loose!

We've been hearing these rumors for the past few weeks, but it looks like the tension between Kendra and Hef's other two ladies, Bridget and Holly, is getting worse.

A source says, "Holly and Bridget hate her. They're totally jealous. She has her own empire now. She's got a clothing line, a modeling career and an exercise empire. They're just sitting there hangin' with Hef."

Not only that, but Kendra is supposedly dating other guys too, which is a
no-no in Hef's book. What? His 80-year old manliness isn't enough for her? So greedy!

Onlookers at the annual Fourth of July party at the mansion said
Kendra definitely kept her distance from the other two girls.

Well if Kendra really is out, maybe Anna Faris can move in! Hef did just
make her his honorary girlfriend for her portrayal of an ex-Playmate in The House Bunny…