Stars Who Served in the Military

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Stars Who Served in the Military

Happy Memorial Day!

While you wait for the grill to warm up, you can be the life of your BBQ party with these little-known facts about celebrities who swore to protect this country. The stars who participated in making this day off and that delicious hot dog you’re about to eat in the name of patriotism possible.

Salute these seven celebrities who have served in the armed forces…

Hugh Hefner

The world’s most notorious playboy started out in a super serious career with the army. He enlisted as an infantry clerk, received his sharpshooter badge in basic training, and while stationed in Oregon and Virginia, he let his creative side show as a cartoonist for Army newspapers.

Bill Cosby

Everyone’s favorite Jell-O-eating TV dad served four years as a hospital corpsman in the Navy, tending to those injured in the Korean War. It wasn’t until after his service and college that he finally pursued an accomplished career as a comedian.

Elvis Presley

Unlike many on this list, Elvis was already a major star when he was drafted for the U.S. Army, serving from 1958 to 1960. He even forwent the opportunity to enlist within the Army’s Special Services, where he’d entertain the troops and live in priority housing; instead he opted to be a regular soldier like everyone else.

Drew Carey

Given the military buzzcut and those vintage glasses, Drew always looked the part of an American serviceman. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserve and served a total of six years, from 1980 through 1986.


Currently you can catch him fighting crime on “Law & Order: SVU,” but long before that, Ice was in a whole other kind of uniform: the Army’s 25th Infantry Division. He enlisted at the age of 17 so that he could support his girlfriend and daughter. He served for four years.

Bea Arthur

A “Golden Girl” was the last person you’d expect to see on this list, huh? But if it had to be any of those ladies, it’d for sure be the tough cookie, Dorothy. Bea (known as Bernice Frankel then) served as a typist and truck driver for two years, from 1943 to 1945, with the Marines. After just a year, she quickly rose the ranks as follows: from private to corporal to sergeant to staff sergeant.

Rob Riggle

Not to be confused with his fake military experience on “The Daily Show,” Rob really did serve in the Marine Corps as a lieutenant colonel. The comedian completed overseas tours in Kosovo and Afghanistan.