Hugh Hefner's Wedding Date Revealed

February 23, 2011 By:
Hugh Hefner's Wedding Date Revealed

Most 84 year-olds spend their days in retirement homes playing chess and pooping in their depends, but not Hugh Hefner, he's getting hitched again!

Hef and his 24 year-old fiancé Crystal Harris are getting married this summer, just two months after his 85th birthday.

“The date of the wedding. It is June 18th. This year, Saturday. We’re excited,” Crystal said. "A June bride. It will be at the Mansion but it will be a little more intimate,” Hefner added.

Hef married his first wife Kimberley Conrad on the front lawn of the Playboy mansion, so Crystal wants to make sure his second wedding is like totally different. " I mean he got married once in the front yard so I asked if we could do it in the backyard,” Crystal said.

And what a classy event it'll be. I wonder if Crystal is banking on being the sole owner of the mansion in a couple of year. Hef's mom lived to be 101 years old, and I bet he's not going anywhere anytime soon. Jokes on you Crystal!