Hugh Hefner's Son Arrested For Attacking Playmate Girlfriend

February 13, 2012 By:
Hugh Hefner's Son Arrested For Attacking Playmate Girlfriend

Hugh Hefner’s oldest son, Marston Hefner, was arrested on Sunday after
allegedly attacking his Playmate of the Year girlfriend, Claire

You kidding me? Most guys would kill to be Hugh Hefner’s son. They
need to revoke his access to any more Playmates. You’re cut off, man.

According to TMZ, cops were called to the couple’s home in Pasadena,
California, because one of Sinclair’s family members called 911,
claiming that Marston attacked her.

When officers got there, they found bruises and red marks on Sinclair’s body, but while Marston admitted that the two had gotten into an argument, he denied hitting her.

Sources tell TMZ that Sinclair told officers that Marston punched her,
kicked her in the stomach and then refused to let her leave the house.
She called family members, and they called the cops.

Police briefly investigated, and then 22 year-old Marston was arrested
for misdemeanor domestic violence around 11:15 PM. Yes, Hugh Hefner’s
son is only 22 years-old. Apparently sperm still works when it’s in
the form of dust.

Anyway, Marston was taken to a nearby police station where he was
booked, but was then released on $20,000 bail just hours later.

Clair Sinclair is twenty years old and was named Playmate of the Year
in 2011. She and Marston have been dating on and off since August
2010. She was also a costar on the E! Reality show ‘The Girls Next
Door: The Bunny House.’ Apparently, she also appeared on ‘Holly’s