Hugh Hefner: Make a Musical Out of Me

October 8, 2009 By:
Hugh Hefner: Make a Musical Out of Me

Hugh Hefner has had quite an eventual life. He founded Playboy magazine, has traveled the world, and slept with the most beautiful women and lives in one of the most amazing mansions in Los Angeles.

His life literally sounds like it came out of a movie. But since there's already a Hugh Hefner biopic on its way, he also thinks there should be a musical about his life.

Hef said: “Steve Watts, who has written a biography about me, wants to make it into a TV mini-series. I've told him that until the feature is done, we can't do that. They've also talked about a Broadway musical. All of it makes sense to me.”

Hef certainly has a lot on his plate. But even at 83, he has no plans to retire anytime soon. Why would he? He has the coolest job in the world!

Hugh explained to E!: “I think if you retire, then that's the beginning of the end. I think the show and my job for the magazine, it's what keeps me alive. I have no plans to retire.

“This is as happy a time as I've ever had in my entire life - and I've had some pretty happy times. I could not be happier. I'm a very lucky fellow and I know that.”

What do you think about a possible Hugh Hefner musical? Would you watch it. We bet if they featured topless girls running around stage, it would be a hit!