Hugh Hefner: I've Never Slept with a Woman Older Than 50

December 23, 2011 By:
Hugh Hefner: I've Never Slept with a Woman Older Than 50

While this is a ridiculously ageist thing to claim, who is actually surprised by this statement other than a raving feminist with a tramp stamp of Rosie The Riveter?

Hugh Hefner admits he's never slept with anyone over the age of 50, but when it comes to dating, he never dates older than women in their 30's. Oh right, because 20-somethings are so much more relatable to an 85-year-old man.

He tells Britains OK magazine, “The oldest I've been out with? In terms of intimacy, she was in her forties, but in terms of a relationship - somewhere in her thirties.”

He is now double-dating, and I don't mean he grabbed a pal and they both went bowling with their significant others. Hef is dating 24-year-old Anna Sophia Berglund AND 28-year-old Shera Bechard, and he says they are both “very classy.” So very classy they don't mind being shared by an old guy in a captain's hat.

Anna Sophia: Is it your turn to go to his bedroom tonight?

Shera: No, I did it last night, you have to go.

Anna Sophia: Ughhh, fine. If I don't come out in 10 minutes come save me.

Shera says she see's nothing wrong with their vast age difference, “I've always dated older men anyway, there is something charming about them. I don't mind how old someone is, it's about the personality.”

Of course, 20-something blonde chicks have been dating Hugh Hefner because of his wonderful personality and not because dating him will make them D-List famous.