Hugh Hefner Debuts Another Girlfriend

June 28, 2011 By:
Hugh Hefner Debuts Another Girlfriend

Hugh Hefner is changing out his girlfriends like he changes out light bulbs. Like platinum blonde, silicon enhanced light bulbs.

After Crystal Harris called off the wedding and left the playboy mansion, Hef was consoled by some chick named Anna Sophia Berglund who Hef claimed was his “best girl.” Apparently not because now he has an even newer girl.

Meet Shera Bechard, Hef tweets that she’s the newest official girlfriend, “Shera is both our November 2011 Playmate and my new girlfriend.” Shera is right up Hef’s alley.

Like most of his bunny girlfriends, they are “sorority girl” hot, but not actually pretty. They are not trashy enough to do porn but not classy enough to be real actresses, thus making them a perfect fit to move into the funeral home playboy mansion.

However, Hef’s constant rotation of women is getting some fans upset. Hef’s idea of modern romance is that “a new girlfriend is the only logical response to a heartbreak.”

A twitter follower lashes out, “it kind of shows you really treat women as nothing when you get a new girlfriend just days after you and Crystal broke up.” So Hef gets on the defensive and tweets back, “the interest in Shera came after the stunner from Crystal,” and “What’s your remedy for a broken heart?”

Crystal Harris acts upset after her runaway stunt, “I was replaced the day after I left. Expected.” Oh don’t act like you didn’t know that Hef was running a carousel of women.