Hugh Hefner Almost Died Having Sex

November 23, 2009 By:
Hugh Hefner Almost Died Having Sex

Hugh Hefner has made a killing throughout his lifetime on sex, but having sex nearly killed him.

The 83-year-old admits that he nearly died choking on a sex toy while in bed with a group of girlfriends.

He revealed: “What is the closest I’ve come to death? There was a moment when I was having sex with four Playmates and I almost swallowed a Ben Wa ball.”

At his age, Hef admits that it's becoming increasing difficult to leave his bed so he prefers to spend most of his time there taking care of as many tasks as he possibly can.

He added: “My most treasured possession is my rotating round bed. I don't have dinner parties – I eat my dinner in bed. I relax with my girls in bed, just watching a movie and having a good time.

“If I had to dress up in fancy dress, I’d wear my pajamas.”

Only Hef can make pajamas look so cool! But in the meanwhile, maybe he should lay off the sex toys!