Hugh Hefner: All in the Family

June 23, 2008 By:
Hugh Hefner: All in the Family

Hugh Hefner gives "all in the family" a whole new meaning. A new biography about Hef claims that he once had a foursome with his wife, brother and sister-in-law!

Steven Watts, who wrote, Mr. Playboy: Hugh Hefner And The American Dream, claims: "[A foursome] did happen with his brother, Keith, and his wife, Rae, one evening. [But] while Millie ultimately backed out of having sex with Keith, Hugh slept with his sister-in-law."

The New York Post quoting Hef saying, "This is the most authoritative book ever written about me... It's all essentially true."

A family foursomes is pretty much the definition of dysfunctional. At what point did they argue that having one would be a good idea?