Hef Won't Marry Holly

May 12, 2008 By:
Hef Won't Marry Holly

Hugh Hefner's main girlfriend Holly Madison has made it very clear that she wants nothing more than to marry Hef and have his babies. But the feelings aren't reciprocal, no matter how many hints Holly drops.

At the Playmate of the Year Party, Holly said, "We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road."

And Hef isn't backing down. He says, "I love Holly very much and I think we're going to be together the rest of my life. But marriage isn't part of my puzzle. It's not a personal thing; I just haven't had much luck with marriages."

Guess Holly's going to have to find another 80-year-old man to take care of her. Poor thing.