Hef Clears Up Breakup Rumors

September 25, 2008 By:
Hef Clears Up Breakup Rumors

Hugh Hefner called up Ryan Seacrest this morning during his morning show to clear up all those breakup rumors once and for all.

"Everything is fine... lots of rumors, lots of gossip, but things are good," said Hef.

There's no breakup, but there isn't going to be a wedding either. In regards to rumors that he's going to marry Holly Madison, Hef said, "Holly would like very much to get married and have children understandable. That's out there in the future with someone (else)."

Okay so they're still together, there are no babies, and no marriage. What's changed? Absolutely nothing. They're probably just trying to promote the new season of 'The Girls Next Door.'

You can listen to the entire broadcast here.