Crystal Harris' July Playboy Cover: 'Mrs. Hefner'

June 15, 2011 By:
Crystal Harris' July Playboy Cover: 'Mrs. Hefner'

The cover of Playboy hasn't been this sad since Heidi Montag was on it.

The July cover features runaway bride Crystal Harris on the cover along with the headline: "America's Princess: Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner."


This may be the only issue of Playboy that Hef won't want to see. After the 25 year old model broke off her wedding to 85 year old Hefner on Tuesday, the Playboy mogul seemed pretty depressed, tweeting:

"The wedding is off. Crystal has hard a change of heart."

Crystal Harris has some nerve. First she has the man almost break his hip to get down on one knee. Then, she makes him release the only moisture he has left in his body to cry all over his reading glasses as he tries to figure out how to type the above statement on Twitter? Not cool.

On the cover, Harris is dressed like her iconic ex-fiancé, wearing a silk red robe and a captain's hat. She sits pantsless next to her dog, Charlie. I would warn against the hygienic hazards of having a dog that close to your pubes, but in this case, the dog is probably in more danger.

The couple was planning on tying the knot over the weekend in front of 300 family and friends. The blunderous issue hits newsstands on Friday. Probably a bigger error than "Mrs. Crystal Hefner" is referring to her as "America's Princess".