Crystal Harris: "I've Never Cheated on Hef. Ever"

June 19, 2011 By:
Crystal Harris:

Hef who? Crystal Harris didn’t have a care in the world on Saturday while partying it up with Heidi Montag at Wet Republic in Las Vegas.

Crystal spent what would have been her wedding day partying under the sun with Heidi and hundreds of partygoers, sipping on drinks and posing for photos.

Hollyscoop caught up with Crystal at the party where she told us, "I'm doing ok. I came to Vegas to just hang out and get away. I just wanted to get away from LA."

As soon as the split was announced, several media outlets reported that Crystal had been cheating on Hef with Tim McGraw’s son Jordan—something she denied to Hollyscoop.

Crystal said: "Jordan is my really good friend. I've been working on music with him for over a year and he will continue to be my good friend and I really need my friends right now."

And just to set the record straight she added, "I've never cheated on him. Ever."

Despite the fact that she left Hef just days before the wedding, she insists that there are no hard feelings between them. When asked about the hilarious “Runaway Bride in this Issue” red sticker that Hef put on her Playboy cover she told Hollyscoop:

"I think the pictorials and the cover are both beautiful and I'm proud of it and the sticker you know that is Hef making light of the situation and to feel better about things. He uses comedy and so do I. I just think it's cute and it's fun. We are still friends. I talk to him everyday and I'm going to go see him on Monday.”

She added that she’s returning the engagement ring to Hef soon. And speaking of rings, she may want to give him a ring before she shows up to the mansion to see Hef; rumor has it that he already has a new man girl. He’s been cozying up to Miss January 2011 Anna Sophia Berglund and she’s reportedly already moved into the mansion. He may be old, but still moves quick!