Hugh Grant is a Dad for The First Time

November 1, 2011 By:
Hugh Grant is a Dad for The First Time

You remember Hugh Grant. He's that guy that used to be an actor.

Well, the 51 year-old is now a father for the first time, and he is "absolutely thrilled" with his latest role. Grant had a baby girl, who was born in October, and while the actor is no longer with the mom (who is unknown), he's still "beaming" about being a father.

A source told US Magazine: "He's going to be a great dad! He's beaming about his daughter. He's not with the mum anymore but he's absolutely thrilled."

The last lady that Hugh was linked to was Chinese actress Tinglan Hong, but no word on whether she's the mom. In April, there were rumors that Hong was pregnant. I guess we'll be able to tell sooner or later. Especially if this kid's good at math.

Grant also recently hinted he was ready for kids. He said: "As much as I adore myself, I'm quite keen to find someone else to care about more."

The actor continued:

"Ten years ago, I wouldn't have thought about having children at all...But now I have so many nephews and nieces and cousins and godchildren, I like the thought."

Grant dated actress Elizabeth Hurley for thirteen years, until they called it quits in 2000. Hurley says even though they're no longer a couple, she still considers Grant part of her family. He is also godfather to her son Damian.

"Hugh and I met in 1987 on the set on a movie in Madrid," Hurley explained. "[We've] been best friend ever since. I completely consider him one of my family and love spending time with him, even though we annoy each other at times. Damian adores his godfather and Hugh is great with him."

Recently, Grant played a hand in revealing the Rupert Murdoch phone hacking scandal. He published an article in the New Statesman about a conversation he had with Paul McMullan, a paparazzo for News of the World.

The conversations were secretly taped by Grant, where McMullan revealed editors were ordering journalists to engaged in illegal phone tapping and did so with the consent of British politicians. When Rupert Murdoch gave his testimony about the scandal in July, Grant called it "phony."

"Speaking as a bad actor, it was easy to spot a bad performance ... my sources tell me he was as a sharp as a tack when they saw him a week or two before."