Howard Stern to Replace Pierce Morgan on Americas Got Talent?

November 11, 2011 By:
Howard Stern to Replace Pierce Morgan on Americas Got Talent?

Late night radio host Howard Stern is in “serious negotiations” with NBC to become a judge on family friendly talent show, “America’s Got Talent.”

The shock-jock is going to Primetime television? I don’t think the FCC is prepared for this.

After Piers Morgan threw in the towel as a judge on the talent show, that left the judging spot next to Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel wide open.

Strangely enough this show likes to fill it’s judging panel with people who have a very little eye for talent other than being good at talking. Sharon Osbourne is married to a musician, so I guess that counts. Howie Mandel used to be a “comedian” and an “actor” but what does he know about fire breathing and choreographed tap dances? And now Howard Stern? He’s a “personality” with big hair but no actual talent.

So anyways, according to the wall street journal, Mandel could make up to $15 million a year on the show because, get this, America’s Got Talent is one of the most successful shows on US television in the summer. Raise your hands if you’ve ever watched this show? I got nothing.

However, Stern has been hinting at wanting to join a judging panel for some time now. Well, not so much hinting, but rather criticizing TV judges and saying he’d be better at it then they can.

When he was discussing the old American Idol judges of Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi and Ellen DeGeneres (lol, remember that?) he said,

“They’ve got a bunch of people on there who don’t have an opinion. Judging is an interesting thing. What I do for a living is a lot more complicated than judging. I have to wake up people. I compete in radio markets and to sit there and judge a karaoke contest, the one criteria would be to have an opinion. It seems that two or three of the judges barely have an opinion,” says Stern.

Well, I hope he’s okay judging “karaoke contests” as he calls them, because that’s what he’ll be doing now. And getting paid $15 million to do it.

This news comes after yesterdays that Piers Morgan has just quit the show. He says he doesn’t have the time to do the reality show judging panel anymore, with his new job at “Piers Morgan Tonight” on CNN.

“I can exclusively reveal that I’m leaving ‘America’s Got Talent.’ I've been a judge since the show began six years ago, I've loved every single second, but I've discovered that juggling, to my surprise, really is a bit more difficult than I thought. So I'm going to focus on what will be a huge year here at CNN, with the upcoming election.”