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I was ready for this show to be painfully bad. The premise of the show seemed shaky. What are cavemen doing waking around in 2007, I wondered. Then I remembered a movie called Encino Man, which taught me that it is quite common for Cavemen to show up in modern times, adapt well and ultimately succeed in our Homosapien world.

These Cavemen succeeded in making a great show. They had me after 15 seconds, when one of the cavemen walked onscreen with a shirt that says, "Fire good!"

The Cavemen also have a lot of their own lingo. Don't you wish you had more occasions to use these catchy little phrases? In tonight's show, for example, a new guy moves into the Cavemen's apartment complex. Nick is convinced that this guy is a "shaver," meaning a caveman who shaves and cuts his body hair daily in order to pass as a 'Sapien (that's caveman slang again... I just wanted to use it.)

This is the first TV show about cavemen ever, and a lot of the show's comic power comes from this fact. It's going to take a long time for caveman jokes to get old. I know there are a lot of people out there who think the show's stupid, though, and I'd like to know why. What am I missing? What's your beef?

Can anyone tell me why ABC thought that people would want to come home after a long day on the road to watch a show about driving? The transition shots between scenes are actually shots of cars slugging along on the freeway! Isn't it a little sad that people now spend so much time in their cars that there's a whole show based around people in their cars?

Tonight's episode had Laird (Jerry O'Connell) getting back together with his insane ex-wife, Joanniffer (Rebecca Romijn). Joanniffer is a tide-pool of emotion, a controlling and manipulative party girl who is probably just the victim of a terrible made-up name. Why is Laird even with her? Is it because her boobs are constantly falling out of her robe and she drinks cocktails at 8 a.m.? No, that could not possibly be it.

Because he's obviously with her for the freaky sex, it's hard to feel bad for Laird when she has a melt-down. But it's also hard to hate Joannifer, though, because she's just taking advantage of someone who wants to be taken advantage of. All of the emotional stress plus the driving time made this show the most edgy half hour of my day. I don't think I'll be checking this one out again.
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