House Recap

November 28, 2007 By:
House Recap

NOOOO!!! Not the Bitch! I was into her WASPy
character, right down to that Marcia Brady hair. We
all knew the firings were coming but I honestly
thought that he was going to keep all four.

Last night's action revolved around a heroin-addicted,
hard-living, Scott Weiland-y musician with a heart of
gold who volunteers with runaways. The team argues
back and forth about whether his steady decline in
health is a result of his drug addiction or some
hidden ailment. (It turns out to be measles in his
brain, which was my first guess all along.) On what
might have been his death bed, Bitch and the musician
have a heart-to-heart about regret and life and it is
revealed that it is the drug addict, not the
win-at-all-costs successful blond doctor, who knows
the real secret to living life to the fullest.

predict that in a few episodes, we'll see the return
of Bitch as a patient, addicted to heroin and loving