'House' Is So Full Of Drama

October 31, 2007 By:
'House' Is So Full Of Drama

TV show House airs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. on FOX. I don't religiously watch House, my first choice is, "It's Always Sunny In
Philadelphia," was a re-run (Next Tuesday, there's
going be a brand new episode) so House it was!

Tonight's show was a lot like that episode of Grey's Anatomy where that guy with a tumor in his head thought he was God and
mysteriously knew everybody's secrets.

I was happy that none of House's interns got fired because I like
them all, especially the guy from Harold and Kumar Go
To White Castle
and the black Mormon, but I can't get
over how melodramatic the hospital is.

The patient tonight had this rash that looked like alligator skin
AND he had borderline psychic mind-reading powers.

Didn't it feel like an advertisement to never go to New Jersey?