The hottest place to party in NYC!

March 10, 2006 By:

If you’re a hot star and you’re in NYC, no doubt you’re going to end up partying it up at BUNGALOW 8. “A-list” stars flock to this joint because it’s a super ultra exclusive club. Every night at the Bungalow is a happening night. There are no guest lists but only a bouncer at the door that must recognize your face. Most of the time, the hottest models are shunned away from the door. Just last night, the club swarmed in Hollywood heartthrob George Clooney, Lance Armstrong, Mathew McConaughey, Jay-Z and Lindsay Lohan! Just imagine being in a room with the hottest stars and drinking some Cristal champagne! If you work at Bungalow 8 hook some Sistas up! We would love to see what’s behind the velvet ropes! Were sick of imagining what this place looks like, do some charity!!