HotSpot: Les Deux

September 11, 2006 By:

This past weekend was crazy for us Hollyscoop gals. We started off the weekend at the Angeleno event held at H.D. Buttercup furniture manufacturing wearhouse. At the event we spotted Paris Hilton’s bff Caroline D'amore who was the special DJ. Also in attendance were Kimberly Stewart, Sean Stewart, Kim Kardashian and Sarah Howard.

After the event, we decided to hit Hollywood Hot Spot “Les Deux” which truly is the see and be seen place to be on Friday nights. At the door we bumped into Dave Navarro--who looked like was having a tough time to get into this hot joint. Nevertheless, the hot rocker made it into the club with his four gals. We even spotted him at the end of the night hunting for more girls to take back with him in his Hummer. I guess 4 girls weren't enough for Dave.

You can always expect a good time at Les Deux because you literally bump into a different celebrity every time you try to make it through the crowd. We spotted Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Vartan, James Franco, Keira Knightley and her beau Rupert Friend, David Spade, Mathew Lawrence, Adam Brody, Kirsten Dunst, Adam Levine (who was swarmed by beautiful women), Topher Grace (who we met and was extremely sweet) and Stephen from Laguna Beach. We had a great time partying in the VIP section upstairs with the Laguna Beach Star. Overall it was a fun night filled some of our favorite stars. “Les Deux” is definitely one of the hottest clubs in Hollywood, once you actually make it past the velvet ropes that is.