Hollyscoop Does Sin City

October 30, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop Does Sin City

The saying goes “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas”, but we are going to give you guys a G rated version for the heck of it!

Our weekend started out with a great dinner at Social House in the Treasure Island hotel. Social House is a trendy sushi joint with a cool DJ that spins great beats. This restaurant has already catered to Nicky Hilton and many of teen Hollywood’s finest.

At Social house we bumped into legendary tongue waggling rock star turned TV reality show star Gene Simmons. We were dining nearby the rock star and his entourage. Gene was actually really nice and gave us Hollyscoop girls some hair advice. He wanted us to pull off a sexier look and started styling our hair. He wanted us to have the “JGF look” (we’ll let you guess what that means) and get rid of the “I read books” look. We have to say Gene is hilarious and classic and he can get away with saying just about anything.

After Social house we headed off to club TRYST at the Wynn Hotel, which is another hot spot for club goers. The scene is always great with the VIP tables and dance floor overlooking the waterfall.

Our second night took off at hot spot FIX Restaurant in the Bellagio Hotel. The restaurant has been a stopping ground for the Entourage cast, Paris Hilton, Adrien Brody and well you get the point. Fix is definitely in Hollyscoop’s Top 3 places to dine in Las Vegas because the food is just AMAZING. We recommend ordering the fried Mac and cheese sticks and lobster tacos as appetizers. Trust us, you will thank us!

After Fix, we headed out to PURE nightclub at Caesars Palace, where Ivanka Trump celebrated her 25th birthday. We have to say Ivanka is far better looking in person, however she is not much of a partier. She definitely knows how to keep her family name classy. At PURE we also bumped into Ryan Cabrera who was celebrating a guys night out with the boys and his bodyguard. Overall it was a fun weekend in Vegas and we are glad to be back in L.A. to attend all the Halloween festivities in the city!