Club Element Hits The Spot

July 24, 2006 By:
Club Element Hits The Spot

As reported earlier, this past Saturday the Hollyscoop gals were at L.A.’s newest spot Les Deux where we bumped into b-day boy David Spade, who was sans Heather Locklear. But don’t feel bad for this “player”, he seemed to be enjoying the group of girls hanging out at his table. While at Les Deux, we got the scoop that Club Element was going to be pretty “Crazy”. Being the scoopers we are, we made a few calls and headed over to Element. We had no idea what we had in store for us. The place was jam packed with beautiful club-goers who were all in the spirits to party.

We bumped into Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys, and fortunately for us, we had a mutual friend. We got the opportunity to meet Nick and his hot blonde gal pal. Contrary to all those rumors, Nick was extremely nice and sweet. Right when we were getting into the mix of things, there was an announcement made “A special guest was in the house”. We were wondering who it could be? Right than our favorite song “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley was played and Cee-Lo was singing to his jam on stage. I am sure everyone is obsessed with this summers hit song “Crazy”, I mean us Hollyscoop girls hear that song in our office 20 times a day. Literally! To see him perform in person truly made our night.

If you are in Los Angeles and wondering where to go on a Saturday night, make sure to drop by Club Element, trust us you won’t regret it!

In order to bring you the scoop, we tried to take as many pictures as we could. From our excitement we kept shaking our camera and most of the pictures came out blurry. Than again, we think it’s about time we invest in a new camera. Enjoy!