Bruce Willis Gets Denied at Club

September 24, 2007 By:
Bruce Willis Gets Denied at Club

See, stars really are just like us! Next time your standing in line to get into the 'it' club of the moment and the bouncer is having a power trip and won't let you in--I hope you remember that it happens to A-list stars too.

'Die Hard' actor Bruce Willis was turned away from a trendy New York nightclub last week because the doormen didn't recognize him. How can you not recognize Bruce Willis? He sticks out like a sour thumb.

Willis showed up to NY Hotspot Socialista around 3am on Wednesday with an entourage of eight, hoping to be let in as a VIP.

A source tells NY Post that not only was he denied entry - bouncers let in others who arrived after him. The source adds, "Bruce's entourage started banging on the door, to no avail.
I guess they had reached their massive-ego quota."

I'll be the first to admit I've been denied access to a hot club a million times--and I'm a girl! I wonder if the doorman that didn't let Willis in is filing for unemployment right about now?