A Helpful Tip From A Hollyscoop Reader

June 14, 2006 By:
A Helpful Tip From A Hollyscoop Reader

We love receiving emails from our dear Hollyscoop readers. This one email caught our eye and we would like to share it with all of our scoop-meisters. Hollyscoop reader Armen has great tips on how to get into the hottest clubs. Takes some notes, cause this guy knows his way around town.

"Name Dropping”: The How To:

Going to the club this Saturday night? Tired of the same old pub down the street? Well, here's a great way to actually get into the club you never knew you could. Even though you don't know anyone who works there and the three heavy set bouncers intimidate you more than your Sunday school teacher with the threatening ruler, keep hope!

Here's what you do: Go to the club dressed in your Saturday night best but, make sure you don't overdo it. Keep it classy but throw in a little edgy look to it. Now that your look is complete, make sure you don't draw too much attention to yourself by bumping 50 Cent's "In Da Club" out of your '87 M3 with the dent in the fender. And always, always! Valet. Why? Not only to make sure you don't have to stumble your way down the street but also, make friends. Ask the valet the name of the manager. You'll see why. After you make your way to the club you notice the especially long line down the block like these people were waiting for the Paul Jardin going out of business liquidation sale. Calmly walk to the front, cigarette slightly drooping in your mouth and drop the name of the manager the helpful gentleman at the valet mentioned.

Here's the key: Make sure you believe that you actually know this person. Don't hesitate, don't get over zealous. Wait for him to look you up and down and give you a reluctant look. Even if he says the manager's not there, let him know that you spoke with him earlier and he told you to come to the front and let the bouncers know. At this point, one of two things will happen. One: the bouncer lets you in without asking you anymore questions. Two: the stickier situation. The bouncer actually brings out this manager. Don't give up yet. When he walks over to you, give him your best "I know what I'm doing" smile and tell him you're back.

Here you need to be a little creative: Make it up! Tell him you used to come to this club all the time. Tell him you've even hosted a party or two at that club. Tell him something, something totally outrageous but crazy enough to work. Make sure you tip. Tip the bouncer, tip the manager, and tip your bartender. They might be confused and nice to you because of that, but a little love on the side will make everything ok. I mean, everyone needs to make a living. Trust me, the extra few bucks you spend there will get you into a club you've only read about, if you're lucky. (But beware, bouncers are slick! Even though that manager might be standing right there, they'll call him by a different name and ask if he knows where the manager is.)