Hot Spot: Polo Lounge

March 7, 2006 By:
Hot Spot: Polo Lounge

One of Hollywood's most glamorous hot spots is the POLO lounge located at the world renown Beverly Hills Hotel, celebrities flock to this
joint because of its cozy atmosphere. There’s an old Hollywood vibe to the lounge with the dark lighting and jazz trio playing in the background. This restaurant will treat any pauper like a prince. The Polo lounge is a watering hole for Hollywood dealmakers and generations
of celebrities. This past weekend most of Hollywood stopped by for the "Night Before" gala hosted by Jeffrey Katzenberg (Spielberg's partner) at the Beverly Hills hotel. The party spilled
over into the Polo Lounge, where sneaky wannabes had set up dinner reservations so they can get a glimpse of the stars. Here's an ‘Old Hollywood’ trick for you: If you are a non-celeb, make reservations to the restaurants near the parties so you can bump into ‘A listers’ while they’re drunk and staggering around (and send pictures if you capture them on film!)

Sure enough, the Gala attracted stars like Mariah Carey, Jimmy Buffett, Claudia Cohen, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes who are regulars at the eatery. Holmes was heard telling fellow celebs, "I feel great and am just having a great time." Ya I would be having a great time too if I never had to work another day in my life.