April 7, 2006 By:

If you’re ever in L.A. and want to go out to the hottest spot on a Thursday night, your sure bet is to hit LOBBY. "Lobby" uses a "studio 54" approach into hand picking all its club-goers in order to maintain its exclusivity. Basically if you're not a perfect 10 or Justin Timberlake, good luck getting in. The nearest you will get to star gazing is standing in the cold and watching stars hop out of their limos while the paparazzo's snap away.

At the door, you can't help but notice the hottest of promoters in town. One promoter that will catch your eye is a gentleman named Mike. Mike has brought his east cost flavor and attitude to the west. Don't be name dropping yet when you get to the door, Mike hand picks his guests or needs to know them by name. Maybe frustrating for some to be struggling to get in, but once inside the club you realize the reason for the ongoing saga.

Inside, you could be bumping and than grinding with the hottest stars in Hollywood. The exquisite decor, high ceiling and second story railing that overlooks the dance floor, makes it easy to spot hot party goers.

Its a sure bet that at any given moment you would be standing next to Leonardo DiCaprio or passing by Nick Lachey's VIP table. Since the venue is tight, you get to meet stars on a more personal level which makes this club one of L.A.'s hottest spots!

Lobby Nightclub
9077 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA.
Tables & Bottle Service: