Hot New Trend: Krieger Watches

May 17, 2006 By:
Hot New Trend: Krieger Watches

You know that if there’s a new trend in Hollywood, we’re gonna be all over it so listen up! Let’s face it, in Hollywood, celebs are always frolicking around town in t-shirts, ripped jeans, and flip flops…hey its California! But you can bet that they won’t leave their house without a blinged out watch. The newest trend in Hollywood is the super slick, ultra exclusive Krieger Watches. If you’re in the market for a watch, this is the ONLY way to go!

Krieger Watches are a Miami based company that have made a global mark in the luxury watch industry. There most popular models are the Giganitum and Mysterium. The Gigantium is modeled after a pocket watch, while the Mysterium's "It's scary, it's so beautiful" slogan fits the profile. The Mysterium is the world's 1st clear aluminum prompting a phone call from the United States Federal government inquiring about how they developed the technology. NO JOKE

Prices for the Giganitum start at $2995.00 - $25,000
Mysterium start at $7995 - $ 100,000 (depending on diamonds, etc)

Celebrity Fans of Krieger Watches:

-Eva Longoria

-Leonardo DiCaprio

-Alicia keys

-Jessica Biel


-Hilary Duff

-Ryan Seacrest