Mario and Karina Hookup!

December 6, 2006 By:
Mario and Karina Hookup!

Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff can claim they are best friends/dance partners but these pictures don’t fool us. I don't know about you guys but I sure as hell don't play tonsil hockey with my 'friends.' On November 26, the pair jetted to Punta Mita for a five-day escape at Casa Armara, the luxury estate owned by Girls Gone Wild entrepreneur Joe Francis.

Insiders reveal to Us Magazine that the "friends" had plenty of PDA for display as Karina " wrapped her legs around him, and they kissed for what seemed like ever. She was giggling and a little bit shy as he kissed her butt. Mario didn’t care and kept kissing her.” Doesn't the butt kissing remind you of that one J.Lo video where Ben Affleck kisses the Latin divas booty?

Mario recently told the magazine,
“We just happened to click. We make each other laugh…I’ve got nothing but love for her.”
We also hear Karina wears the pants in this relationship, “She bosses him around – and he loves it!” We actually think they make a cute couple and loved seeing them bring some fire on the dance floor.