April 1, 2006 By:

If anyone out there watches "8th and Ocean", I am sure you are aware of bad boy VINCI! Until recently I had never seen an episode of this show, but now I have to admit I am addicted! The show is fun and full of drama!

"8TH and Ocean" is about a bunch of teens trying to make it in the cruel modeling industry and living it up in South Beach. All the characters face challenges whether its weight issues, getting rejected from modeling gigs, being harassed by pervert photographers and along with their struggles with their personal lives.

One person that really pops out for me is VINCI! This Latin, cocky, bad boy is just unbelievably HOT! I am seriously obsessed and addicted to VINCI! There is something about him that makes me want to fly to Miami and be his alarm clock! Wake him up on time so he won't miss a modeling gig and be dropped from his modeling agency. If anyone out there in MIAMI is reading this, send us some candid pictures of VINCI, because the HOLLYSCOOP gals are in love!!!!!

Vinci will be the next Kristin Cava-Who facing the covers of US weekly once the show is done, except he is hot and has talent!