Hollyscoop Snoopers

July 29, 2006 By:

Last night all of Hollywood’s finest were at club Le Deux. Our sources were out and about and spotted Mathew Perry, David Spade, Mary Kate Olsen, Kristen Cava-Who, Kim Kardashian, Michael Vartan , Paris Lastis and Rachel Blison. We hear that all the Hollywood’s starlets were chilling at David Spade’s table. Our source tells us that Mary Kate Olsen was hugging David Spade at one point and later on in the night Kristin Cavalleri was kissing his ass as well. Heather Locklear was MIA but that didn’t stop David from having fun with all the girls.

Which Star demands a brand new toilet seat at every venue she performs? According to sources the toilet must be wrapped in plastic so her people can open it, and then she demands it to be disposed immediately after she leaves the venue so no one can sell it on ebay.