Hollyscoop Hits Miami: Part 4

July 9, 2006 By:

Last night the Hollyscoop girls were extremely exhausted. Partying is a full time job and we really don’t understand how the Lindsay’s, Hilton’s and Olsen’s party every single night. All this partying really takes a toll on your body at some point. However being the troopers we are, we put on our dancing shoes and headed out for some great sushi at Sushi Samba. The food is a fusion of Brazilian and Japanese cuisine and we must say is a great combo. While your starring at the interior design of the restaurant there is an in house DJ spinning to the Brazilian beats. While dinning we got some great information for our L.A. peeps, they are going to be opening a “Sushi Samba” in Los Angeles. Now that’s exciting!

After our great feast we headed out to Miami’s very own club Mansion. We had heard about Club Mansion since all of Hollywood’s celebs always party there or host events. If we were to sum up Club Mansion I would say you feel like you are partying in an actual Mansion. Club Mansion is intense and we have to say we heard the best music last night. The atmosphere is great, the service is excellent and we truly couldn’t ask for more. Hollyscoop declares Mansion as the hottest club in Miami.

We would like to thank our good friend Vanessa Menkes for taking good care of us. Without her we would not have enjoyed our time here in the city that never sleeps.