Hollyscoop Does Playboy Party

August 16, 2006 By:

Stolichnaya Russian Vodka joined Playboy to celebrate the release of the
September 2006 Playboy Magazine issue featuring a cover appearance and 10 pages
nude pictorial with our favorite “Girls Next Door” and Hef’s girlfriends: Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson.
You can find the issue, which happens to be very juicy in newsstands and at www.playboydigital.com. The 3 popular drinks that were being offered for the special occasion were the “Kendra”, “Holly” and the “Bridget”. They all tasted yummy but after our taste test we decided to stick with the “Kendra”

The party was held at Hollywood Hot Spot Social. If you live in the Hollywood area you must make a cameo at Social, whether it’s for dinner downstairs or the private party/lounge area upstairs. The restaurant opened by Jeffrey Chodorow might be new, but the location is a Tinsletown landmark.
This spot first debuted in the 20’s as one of Hollywood’s original haunts, once known as The Hollywood Athletic Club or as they would say "Playground to the Stars". The private club attracted the biggest names of the golden era, including its founders Cecil B. De Mille, Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino and John Wayne. Today the creator of Asia de Cuba has renovated this Hollywood spot with a modern bar and a lounge where guests could sip their drink before dining in the vaulted, Moroccan infused restaurant with the finest feast, fit for a king.

Now, back to the Playboy party! We all know there is no party like a Playboy party. All the girls were beautiful as anyone could imagine and everyone had one thing in mind and it was to have a good time. The girls and Hef were having a great time partying and mingling with us regular folks. We got to talk to Hef (who blew us a kiss and managed to get out of his seat to come and take a pic with us! Woo-hoo) Kendra, Holly and Bridget. Kendra is definitely the partier of the threesome and she was really excited to see us drinking her drink called “Kendra”. Holly’s dedication to Hef is really amazing. She did not leave his site for one minute. Basically, if you were a fan of Girls Next Door like I was you would notice that they are exactly what the show portrays them to be. They don’t act fake just for the cameras; they are who they are.

Celebrities that were in attendance were Michael Vartan (who was really nice to us and was playing pool almost the entire night), Bill Murray (who was enjoying being around playmates), Stephen Dorff (said hello to us and was super nice), Roger Cross from 24(very nice even got to party with him), Blu Cantrell, Jenna Jameson (surrounded by bodyguards). One person that we were really excited to meet was Trent from pink is the new blog. We can say he was our inspiration to start Hollyscoop. He was very nice and supportive. We love you Trent!