Hollyscoop Does Miami: Day 2

July 8, 2006 By:

Hollyscoop loves Miami and we are afraid we might never return to Hollywood. Miami is such an incredible city, from the best restaurants to the hottest clubs and lets not ignore the most beautiful mix of people, who come from all parts of the world and make Miami the very special place it is.

Last night the Hollyscoop gals and entourage headed out to dinner at Miami’s favorite place to dine and party Taverna Opa! Opa is a traditional Greek restaurant with the best food in town. The food is inexpensive and fit perfectly for a Greek God! The rules of Taverna Opa is that everyone must eat and dance on the table until the ouzo runs out! Opa’s has a live in house DJ that plays the best Greek, Latin and American jams. Don’t be shy when the super HOT waiters pull you up to dance, while others throw napkins in the air, its part of the tradition. We truly recommend Taverna Opa as a must see place in Miami. We are definitely going back there again! OPA!!!

After dinner we headed out to Miami’s Thursday night hot spot Club Suite. The clubs décor is intense, from the hundreds of crystal chandeliers that hang all over the ceilings to the renaissance decoration with the Roman Columns, statues of David and the amazing paintings on the wall. If you are into hip hop and are in town than Club Suite is your spot on Thursdays! Club Suite is adjacent to Club Snatch where Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes partied with Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith.

After a long night of partying, we decided to grab a bite at Miami’s top favorite local joint Sultan. Open until the wee hours, located right next to the Shoreclub, this restaurant brings in Hollywood’s hottest celebs from Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Nicky Hilton. There is even a picture of Paris and Lindsay hugging, I guess this is pre-fire crotch days. We met the owner George who has a lot of pictures with celebrities on the wall. I guess the Greek Gods from Taverna Opa were smiling down on us because there was a photographer from Getty Images who snapped a shot of the Hollyscoop gals with the owner. Now that’s hot! If you’re in town and want the best kabobs, stop by Sultan and don’t forget to check out the “Wall of Fame”. Hey you might find Hollyscoop.

A big Shout out to Michael M for taking care of us at Club Suite.