Hollyscoop Artist Of The Week: Wicks

August 8, 2006 By:
Hollyscoop Artist Of The Week: Wicks

This week’s HollyscoopArtist Of The Week” is a talented artist which goes by the name of ”Wicks”. As a musical entity with immense heart and soul, it’s no wonder the artist known as "Wicks" is already creating a buzz as the man who is bringing new life into Hip Hop music. With his unique and vibrant orchestrations, it’s easy to say in recent years there has never been an artist with so much artistic flair.

Wicks - short for "Wicked" - was born to a family of Armenian immigrants in Tehran, Iran in the midst of great religious and political turmoil. During the peak of the revolution, his family moved to Greece and later to America. At an early age, Wicks' parents realized his natural gift for music when he began playing the piano at the age of eight and astonished his teachers by playing scores by ear. Through his early years of college, Wicks befriended Tone, Pawly and Raa D and formed a group called Immortal which symbolized their everlasting drive and focus towards achieving their goals. What initially started off as a hobby and passion for music sparked interest in the streets. Suddenly, Wicks was being noted for his catchy beats and lyrics which pressed him to pursue a career in music.

As a one man show, Wicks not only raps but is the artistic mind behind the beats, from creating melodies to penning lyrics. The music reflects early influences of Middle Eastern music, which explains the universal appeal of his songs. He has worked with many artists including the late 2pac Shakur’s brother Mopreme Shakur (Thug Life), Hush (from Detroit’s 8 Mile) and Romeo of The Goodfellas from L.A.’s hottest radio station Power 106. Furthermore, Wicks has also composed music for the upcoming Rocky 6 Soundtrack.

Wicks infuses his life into his music, delivering powerful themes that speak volumes to his generation, drawing inspiration from the struggles of life, the strength of a family, and the bond between friends. In a song called "Troubles with God," he raps about his constant battle between good and evil. The pain and angst drip with every line. From the church bells to the heavy strings, this song is sure to evoke emotion upon first listen. Wicks collaborates with Romeo and "The Goodfellas" on the “Private Dancer” remix, which is a fire-starter-in-the-making made for the club. He is most innovative on "Drop", where he displays just how original his new sound is to Hip-Hop.

With his out-of-this world instrumentals and raw lyrics it is easy to see that Wicks is soon to become a Hip-Hop powerhouse to be reckoned with. You’ve been forewarned. For more information on Wicks and his music you can log on to www.Immortalworld.com or www.Myspace.com/WickedBeats. Don’t forget, you heard it first here on Hollyscoop.