Holly Madison Talks About Breakup And Motherhood

October 14, 2008 By:
Holly Madison Talks About Breakup And Motherhood

Holly Madison is single and ready to mingle! This hottie may be back on the market, but unfortunately she doesn't have much time to date...yet.

Holly has been keeping busy with new projects, including raising over $50,000 for the "Bowling For Boobies" event, which helps local women who are surviving breast cancer.

Hollyscoop correspondent Brian Corsetti caught up with everyones favorite Girl Next Door to get the scoop on her relationship with Hugh Hefner, motherhood, and the new season of the 'Girls Next Door.'

Hollyscoop: What's your type of guy?
Holly Madison: "I like dark hair, I just like guys who are fun and nice. I like all the good stuff, guys who are hot, fun, nice and smart."

HS: Is Hef still the love of your life?
Holly: "Ya absolutely. I think its very sweet of him to say that and I think, I wish him well in his dating, and I hope he just takes time to get to know girls and makes right choices."

HS: What are your thoughts on Hef's new girlfriends 19-year old twins Kristina and Karissa Shannon? Do you approve?
Holly: "Ya, I worked with them this summer on their playmate layout. Their upcoming playmates so I directed their pictorial and I just want Hef to be happy and have fun."

HS: Can you describe Hef's type of girl?
Holly: "Blonde and not too challenging otherwise. I don't know what he was ever doing with me."

HS: Since Hef couldn't give you a child, is motherhood still on your mind?
Holly: "Someday in the future I want to have kids, but I am way too busy right now I have a lot of things to do next year and none of them involve being a fat pregnant lady."

HS: What can we expect from the upcoming season of 'The Girls Next Door'?
Holly: "Season 5 is airing right now and it's awesome I love it. I think it's the best season yet. As far as season 6 we haven't started shooting yet but I think its just going to follow me and Bridget and Kendra wherever we go whatever we do. We'll always be close to Hef. We'll always be part of his life, it will just keep following us on our adventures."

HS: Have you moved out of the mansion yet?
Holly: "I don't have time to pack. Nobody can pack for me. Nobody knows what I need to keep what goes into storage, I have to do it myself so, I am hanging out tonight, I am having fun tonight."

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