Holly Madison Quits Job at Playboy

February 5, 2009 By:
Holly Madison Quits Job at Playboy

Now that Holly Madison is dating millionaire magician Criss Angel, she doesn't have time for silly things like a job.

Holly has quit her job as "Playmate Editor" at Playboy magazine claiming "that job doesn't pay enough to make a commute worthwhile." Ouch!

Holly took to her Myspace Celebrity page to blog about her leaving Playboy in a post called "Annoying," which is exactly what it is. Here's what she had to say:


So it's out on the gossip sites that I quit my job at Playboy, which is true. I quit for several reasons:

1. I moved to Vegas and that job doesn't pay enough to make a commute worthwhile ( I never cared about the salary when I got the job-I made my money doing Girls Next Door and I just did the job because I loved it.)

2. After two years of it, I no longer found it challenging. It got to be routine, which was sad for me, since I was initially so passionate about the job and the creative aspects involved.

3. It was awkward. Not that anyone tried to make it awkward or didn't treat me fairly . . . it just was.

It annoys me when people call the job fake as if it was just a set up for the show. If I had wanted a fake career for Girls Next Door I would have stuck with the jewelry line because that required very little of my time. I spent way more than full time directing shoots, editing, making mock layouts and approving retouching.

So as you can imagine, when one is trying to move on with their life, it isn't beneficial to spend so much time on something that doesn't pay much and sadly enough is no longer rewarding to you.
But I loved my job while I had it, appreciate the opportunity and the experience greatly and wish whoever takes my place the best.