Holly Madison: Marriage and Baby Next

June 2, 2010 By:
Holly Madison: Marriage and Baby Next

Holly Madison may seem like she’s enjoying single life on the Vegas Strip, but she’s ready to be a mom!

In a new interview with E!, Madison's assistant Angel Porrino says Holly is always in total mom ode when she’s with her son. "She definitely wants to get married and have babies in the near future," Porrino said.

Holly Madison Moving in With Benji Madden

"I know she really really wants it. She looks at Roman and bonds with him and I know she'd be a great mom and a great wife. She's ready to settle down."

But not just with anyone! Holly’s friend Lara Croft said, "She's super busy and she can't have somebody up her ass 24/7," said pal Laura Croft. "If she dates somebody, they've got to be successful and have their own life."

Well, we do know she’s dating Benji Madden because she tweets about him every five seconds. So is he Mr. Right? Holly’s Peepshow co-star Josh Strickland says, "They are so cute and cool together and he couldn't be cooler and a sweeter guy. But they don't live in the same city and he was doing his album and now he's on tour so it does complicate things. I guess the attitude is we'll see what happens."

In fact, we hear multiple suitors will appear on Holly’s World which premieres June 13th. One thing is for sure, nothing has changed since Holly has left the Playboy mansion—she still wants to get married and get knocked up! "She just turned 30 and I think that clock is ticking for her," Strickland said. "She definitely wants to have kids and settle down and find that right person."