Holly Madison Lands New Reality Show

September 24, 2009 By:
Holly Madison Lands New Reality Show

Holly Madison has finally caught up with Kendra and Bridget! She’s the last of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends to land her very own reality show.

Holly has been pretty much a permanent fixture in Las Vegas since leaving the Playboy Mansion, and is currently starring in the topless act Peepshow.

And now her schedule is about to get a little busier. According to Sin City blog Vegas Deluxe, Holly’s new show will take place in Vegas, and is entitled “Planet Holly.” Naturally, it will premiere on E!

Holly tells website, “It will be a guilty pleasure with a lot of eye candy. There will be elements of Girls Next Door in my show because there is such a fan following for it. It’s all good-natured and not mean like other reality shows. I’m really excited about the new series because I am also getting a legitimate co-producer credit for all the work I do behind the camera. It’s not a vanity credit. I’m super excited to learn from the best and take on new responsibilities.”

Holly seems to be pretty happy with her new town. She says, “I fell in love with Vegas since moving here. So I want to show a lot of the Vegas few people know about, it’s hidden treasures away from the Strip. Yes, you’ll see my quirky day-to-day life of living in a casino with a dog, but it will show the side of the valley many people never know existed.”

Way to go, Holly! She, like Kendra, has changed so much since her days at the mansion! For the full article, and more information about Holly’s extended contract with Peepshow, click here.